I’ve been recording professionally for over 5 years – growing organically from recording demos for locals acts to working with internationally touring artists.

My ethos is that you can record any way you want, but I’d rather produce finished ‘records’ than demos. I keep my rates low and encourage people I work with to book enough time to create a great finished project.

That said, if you just want a demo then that’s fine too.

It’s a given all the sounds on your recording need to sound great but what I find listeners really listen and respond to is the performance on a record so I try to devote as much time as possible getting this right.

Notably I’ve worked with Maybeshewill, Kyte, Minnaars, Skepta (ft. Charlee Drew), Flav Giorgini (From Squirtgun), Arms Of Atlas, Bad Ideas, RX Bandits and Silent Devices.

I also make my own music under the guise Dark Dark Horse.